The Way We Learn: Teaching A Blind Student to Read Music

I first met Darren as a student in my Piano I class, a group piano class designed for beginner students that is usually comprised of about 16 students all playing digital keyboards…. at the same time. It can be a challenging class to teach, as it consists of both music track students and non-music track students, some with experience, some with none. The object of the class is to teach students how to read music and prepare them with the technical skills needed to work through more challenging literature, theory, etc. in subsequent classes. As this class focuses on basics such as staff reading, rhythmic values, and musical structure, Darren and I quickly learned that this type of class structure would not work for him.

New Student Teacher

Student Kaitlyn Tholen is a new student teacher! Kaitlyn’s student, Jenna Thomas, has been in lessons for about a month, and both Jenna and Kaitlyn have been catching on quickly! Congrats to both teacher and student on a big achievement! Kaitlyn Tholen and Jenna Thomas working on a new piece