Romantic and Contemporary Auditions

Several students participated in the NOMTA’s 2017 Romantic and Contemporary Auditions at UNO this year, and we had some great results!  Congratulations to all of the students on their outstanding work this year, and special recognition to Superior Medalists: Aiden Michler, Sneha Mondal; Superior Recitalists: Neel Mondal, Drusilla White. Drusilla White Neel Mondal

Recital Dress Code

Please make an effort to look nice for the recital.  While dress does not need to be formal, performers should always dress up a little when playing in front of an audience.  “Church attire” is great! GIRLS: No jeans, tennis shoes, or t-shirts Skirts or dresses are appropriate – nothing too low cut or too […]

Live Video Broadcast!

Can’t make the recital on Sunday?  Good news!  Hall Piano will be doing a live video broadcast of the recital this coming Sunday, May 16th starting at 12:00pm CST on this website!  Log in to catch the students in action!  The recital will also be archived and available for download for a month following the […]

Piano Recital Dress Code

Sorry for the delayed update on this…my computer died a week ago, so I’m just now getting functioning again.  The recital dress code is largely the same as what the kids wore to the Festival.  “Church attire” is appropriate, but here are some more specific guidelines: Girls: No jeans, tennis shoes, or t-shirts Skirts or […]

Reictal Prep

Hey folks! As most of you know, the recital is coming up in exactly a month, so it’s time to make sure everyone is prepared and ready to go.  Please make sure you have all pieces memorized and ready to perform by the end of April!  It is important to give yourself a little time […]

Recital Date-Mark the Calendars!

Students and Parents, We are coming up on Recital season, and it’s time we all mark our calendars for this years’ Recital!  My recital is scheduled this year for Sunday, May 16th at 12:00pm.  As usual, the recital will take place at Hall Piano Company at 901 David Dr. in Metairie.  We have some very […]