The Art of Practice

I am thrilled to be presenting what I hope is the first of many workshops on healthy practice techniques at Loyola University New Orleans this week.  The Art of Practice addresses specific tools that students of all ages and instruments can use to help prioritize their mental health and make the most of their practice …

Practice, Practice, Practice

First and foremost, practicing is a mindset, not an activity. It is imperative that the students focuses on what needs to be done in a practice session rather than just sitting down and setting a timer. An hour of practice with no focused goal is the equivalent of not practicing at all.

Practice tips for the younger beginner

Unfortunately, I have not had many students who do enjoy practicing, and I certainly wasn’t the exception to the rule. The process of practicing is usually not nearly as fun as just about everything else when a child is 7, but when the student sees things getting easier and pieces becoming a little bit more interesting, this will usually change. For my students ages 6-9, I have some tips that might make practice time a little easier for everyone.