Team Sports vs. Music Lessons

My personal opinion is that sports and music are wonderful compliments to each other. Where one activity lacks, the other fills in the missing pieces and teaches children to be well-rounded and accepting of others’ talents and interests. The most important thing that a parent can do to encourage their children in both activities is to maintain balance.

International Piano Medalists Perform in New Orleans

I received an e-mail yesterday about a great concert coming up on Saturday, March 27th in conjunction with the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra.  The three medalists from 2008’s New Orleans International Piano Competition will be playing with the Orchestra at Loyola’s Roussel Hall.  These are some great performers to catch if you haven’t already, so please …

Dealing with Performance Anxiety

I found this great article on handling performance anxiety and controlling your nerves.  This website has some other helpful tips on preparing for a performance, memorizing, and specific tips for auditions.  Check it out! Dealing with Performance Anxiety

Maintaining pieces for performance

With the Festival coming up this weekend and many students trying to cram their last bits of practice in this week, I thought it might be helpful to provide a few tips on how to maintain completed pieces for performances and competitions. 1. Play the whole piece hands alone with dynamics and articulation to help …

Memorization Tips

As the competition season is now upon us, I thought it might be a good idea to provide both the parents and students with some tips on memorization techniques.  Students often get discouraged with the daunting task of memorizing their pieces, but unfortunately the piano is a performance instrument, and all pieces are expected to …