Student Recordings

2016 Spring Recital

Bethlehem Adams, age 10

Russian Circus – C. Goldston

Here Comes the Band – Garrow

Liam Bailey, age 9

The Clown – Kabalevsky

Fire Dance – Karp

Liam Bailey, age 8

The Bear – Reibikoff

Lone Piano Blues – Garcia

Pirates on the High Seas – D. Brody

Jean Connick, adult student

Petite Ballade – D. Karp

Petie Danton, adult student

Country Dance – Haydn

Dance – Gurlitt

Aiden Michler, age 10

Anyone Home? – Gurlitt

Slavic Dance – Tingley

The Clown – Kabalevsky

Gypsy Dance – Karp

Aiden Michler, age 9

The Viking Feast – Setliff

Ogg (The Caveman) – E. McLean

Earthworm Do-Si-Do – C. Setliff

Aiden Michler, age 8

Splash, Splash – J. Montgomery

Here Comes the Band – Garrow

Halloween Witch – Gillock

Neel Mondal, age 17

Sonata in A Major, Andante – Haydn

Neel Mondal, age 16

Moment Musical No. 5 – Rachmaninoff

The Entertainer – Joplin

Sonata in A Minor K. 54 – D. Scarlatti

Neel Mondal, age 15

Impromptu Op. 142, No. 2 – Schubert

Wizard Fantasy – M. Leaf

Wedding Day at Troldhaugen Op. 65, No. 6 – Grieg

Prelude in D-flat Majo Op. 28 No. 15 “Raindrop” – Chopin

Neel Mondal, age 14

Invention No. 4 – J.S. Bach

Peacocks of Babylon – Gerou

Prelude in D-flat Major Op. 28, No. 15 – Chopin

Neel Mondal, age 13

Notturno Op. 54, No. 4 – Grieg

Solfeggietto – C.P.E. Bach

Sneha Mondal, age 13

Serenade – M. Bober

Serenade – F. Schubert

Argentina! – C. Rollin

Sonata in C Major K. 545, Rondo – Mozart

Sneha Mondal, age 12

Notturno – V. Roth Roubos

Sneha Mondal, age 11

Curious Story Op. 138, No. 9 – S. Heller

Softly Falling Snow – M. Leaf

Waltz in B Minor Op. 18a, No. 6 – F. Schubert

Sneha Mondal, age 10

Sonatina Op. 36, No. 3 – Kuhlau

Barcarolle – Vandall

Caitlin’s Smile – Garcia

Sneha Mondal, age 9

Legend Op. 27, No. 20 – Kabalevsky

The Child Asleep Op. 283, No. 22 – Kohler

Storm at Sea – Nehrenberg

Serenade – M. Bober

Waltz Op. 77, No. 9 – Schubert

Priscilla Moradel, age 13

Dance of the Wind – T. Brown

Toccata Op. 60, No. 40 – Kabalevsky

Priscilla Moradel, age 12

Un Romantico en Sevilla –  W.T. Garcia

In the Groove- Rejino

Priscilla Moradel, age 11

Hurdy Gurdy Polka – Shostakovich

Cafe Francais – Maiocco

Toccatina Op. 27, No. 7 – Kabalevsky

Priscilla Moradel, age 10

Soldier’s March Op. 68, No. 2 Schumann

Mystical Tarentella – Vandall

Pagoda Bells – Rejino

Ecossaise in G- Beethoven

Priscilla Moradel, age 9

Medieval Pageant – Hauber

Argentina- Gillock

Priscilla Moradel, age 8

Cubanera – Tingley

A Lullaby for You- Garcia

Open Seas- Goldston

 K. Williams

Joshua Ngo, age 10

Fiesta Time – M. Mier

Joshua Ngo, age 9

The Swing – Czerny

Tango Dramatico – C. Rollin

The Wallaby Hop – M. Mier

Joshua Ngo, age 8

Hot Chili Peppers – C. Rollin

March – Schostakovich

Monkeys in Trees – Roubos

Joshua Ngo, age 7

The Crazy Computer – M. Goldston

Joshua Ngo, age 6

Calliope – L. Garrow

Baby Circus Elephant – David Carr Glover

Dalmatians!- Gerou

Drusilla White, age 10

The Swinging Sioux – Gillock

Russian Dance – Goedicke

French Fries, Ice Cream – W. Stevens

Drusilla White, age 9

Catnip Crazy – Roth Roubos

Skeleton in My Closet – Rossi

The Princess and the Pirates – M. Campbell

Dalmatians! – Gerou

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  1. Cedric Castanza’s piece, Post Humanity, is truly a piece that has amazing depth and astounding creativity with a concept that is greater than any piece I have ever listened to before. In all my years of playing classical music I have never come across anyone with such an amazing talent such as his. His music goes to greater lengths and new extremes. His sensitive touch of the keys and his deep emotional connection with the sounds they produce are absolutely divine and inspiring. His concept of “post-humanity” is extraordinarily powerful and utterly moving in which his music expresses this beautiful idea perfectly. And the humility he has to dedicate this song to “Holden” is very touching. This boy is truly a genius and is utterly and incontrovertibly a great pianist and composer. Thank you for posting this piece.

  2. Just listened to Kaityln Tholen’s pieces. AMAZING! So beautiful they transported me to another place while I listened. Job very well done!!

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