Rhapsody Rabbit vs. The Cat Concerto

So, who’s behind these two famous cartoon recordings of Liszt’s Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2?  Jakob Gimpel was a concert pianist and educator born in what was then Austria-Hungary in 1906.  Throughout his career, he was responsible for the piano performances in many popular films and these two classic cartoons.  Which one is your favorite?

Rhapsody Rabbit


Check out this old Mickey Mouse cartoon from 1929 to see Mickey’s big solo!


Just a quick note to all of the students who played in the Recital on Sunday.  I want to Congratulate you all on your playing and thank the parents for encouraging and supporting the students!  I think this may have been the best year yet, and I am looking forward to working with all of you in a little more stress-free environment this summer.  It has been a great year, and I am so happy to have all of you in my studio!  The video is up, so go download it while you can!

Live Video Broadcast!

Can’t make the recital on Sunday?  Good news!  Hall Piano will be doing a live video broadcast of the recital this coming Sunday, May 16th starting at 12:00pm CST on this website!  Log in to catch the students in action!  The recital will also be archived and available for download for a month following the recital at the same website address.  Bookmark it and log in on Sunday!

Piano Recital Dress Code

Sorry for the delayed update on this…my computer died a week ago, so I’m just now getting functioning again.  The recital dress code is largely the same as what the kids wore to the Festival.  “Church attire” is appropriate, but here are some more specific guidelines:


  • No jeans, tennis shoes, or t-shirts
  • Skirts or dresses are appropriate – nothing too low cut or too short!
  • No more than 2 inch heels if you are using the pedal
  • Nothing around the wrists or fingers….TRIM YOUR NAILS!!!!!!
  • Hair pulled back or tucked behind ears….we want to see your face!
  • Flats or dress sandals are fine…be sure you can pedal in whatever you are wearing BEFORE you get to the recital!


  • No jeans, t-shirts, or tennis shoes
  • No jacket or tie is required
  • Khakis and a polo are perfectly acceptable

Steinway Incentive @ Hall Piano!

There is a great event going on at Hall Piano Company right now for those of you who may own the Boston or Essex model pianos.  As you know, these two brands are the entry-level brands of Steinway Piano, and Hall Piano is offering some great deals to those people who may be interested in trading up to a Steinway.  Check out the link below to find out more information!

Move Up to A Steinway Incentive

Also, if you have been thinking about purchasing a piano in the near future, please take some time to talk to myself and some of the salespeople at Hall Piano Company about the Boston and Essex brands.  These are both quality pianos that are great for young children and beginners of all ages, and they both offer the possibility of trading up to a Steinway at a later date.  These pianos are worth checking out!

Reictal Prep

Hey folks!

As most of you know, the recital is coming up in exactly a month, so it’s time to make sure everyone is prepared and ready to go.  Please make sure you have all pieces memorized and ready to perform by the end of April!  It is important to give yourself a little time to polish your pieces and get comfortable performing memorized.  I am making exceptions to the rule for memorized pieces for a few of my beginner students, so don’t stress if we have already discussed this.  Parents, please ask if you are unsure whether or not your child’s pieces are supposed to be memorized.  Everyone is welcome to bring family members to the recital, but please note that there is limited seating and some people may have to stand.  Luckily, this year we will be broadcasting live via the internet through a special website address that I will provide you in advance.  This feature is courtesy of Hall Piano Company, so please notify any relatives who cannot make the recital, and be sure to thank Hall Piano for this option that they have offered us teachers for FREE.  Also, we will be doing an audio recording of the recital that will be available after the recital, so stay tuned for more info on that!  Please ask if you have any questions about the recital or the performance requirements, and I will be sure to post the “dress code” in the next couple of days, as well.  Thanks for all of your hard work, and I can’t wait to hear you all play!

Summer Camps

Looking to enroll your child in summer camp?  Check out a few of the great creative arts and music camps offered around the city!

Country Day Creative Arts Camp (ages 7-14)

Ursuline Academy Creative & Performing Arts Camp (girls 1st-7th grades)

Greater New Orleans Youth Orchestra Summer Fest & Summer Orchestra (ages 12-19)

Louisiana Children’s Museum Performance Camp (ages 6-9)