First Master Class

Hi students and parents!

For those of you who signed up for the master class program, the first class will be taking place at Hall Piano Company on Saturday, July 16th at 2:00pm.  You can expect for it to last about half an hour this month, as we have a small class right now.  All future master classes will also take place on the 3rd Saturday of the month at 2:00.  We will have a few more students joining us during the school year, so they may run a little longer once school starts up again.  Please prepare your pieces for next week….I can’t wait to see y’all there!

Student of the Month


Alex Thomas

Mars Landing – Goldston

Ogg (The Caveman) – McLean

Alex is going into the 6th grade at St. Christpher this year, and he’s turning 11 in just a few days!  He is an alter server at school, enjoys English class, and likes to draw in his spare time.  Alex likes piano because it’s really fun and gives him something to do all day.  He also thinks he has a really nice teacher (Thanks, Alex!).  Alex has been taking piano lessons for 3 years and recently received his first Gold Cup trophy from the Louisiana Federation of Music Clubs in recognition of his three Superior Ratings at the annual L.F.MC. Festival.

Student of the Month


Payton Ball

Making Mischief – Leaf

Payton is 11 years old and attends St. Ann’s School in Metairie, where she has made the Honor Roll for the year and receives certificates for doing Patrol.  Her favorite subject is Science, and she enjoys singing, dancing, and art in her free time.  She would like to be a vet or professional singer when she grows up.  Payton likes piano because she likes to learn new things and softy melodies to play.  She likes the nice sounds of the piano.  Payton will also be receiving her Gold Cup trophy this year for three superior ratings at the L.F.M.C. Festival and special recognition for three consecutive superiors.

Recital Dress Code

Please make an effort to look nice for the recital.  While dress does not need to be formal, performers should always dress up a little when playing in front of an audience.  “Church attire” is great!


  • No jeans, tennis shoes, or t-shirts
  • Skirts or dresses are appropriate – nothing too low cut or too short!
  • No more than 2 inch heels if you are using the pedal
  • Nothing around the wrists or fingers….TRIM YOUR NAILS!!!!!!
  • Hair pulled back or tucked behind ears….we want to see your face!

Flats or dress sandals are fine…be sure you can pedal in whatever you are wearing BEFORE you get to the recital!


  • No jeans, t-shirts, or flip flops
  • No jacket or tie is required
  • Khakis and a polo are perfectly acceptable

Summer Piano Institutes

Hi parents and students!

Some of you may have already seen this on my facebook page, but I wanted to make you aware of two great Summer Piano Institutes for intermediate to advanced students.  Both opportunities accept students from Middle School through High School, and the application and audition deadlines are coming up in the next couple of weeks.  I have heard great things about both of these institutes, and it’s a great opportunity for the students to really focus on their skills and meet some new people at the same time!  Please check out the websites for more information and audition requirements, and let me know if any of you are interested in applying!

MASNO’s 2011 New Orleans Piano Institute

Piano Discoveries at Ole’ Miss

Student of the Month


Lauren Bone

Calico Waltz – Garrow

Lauren in in the first grade at St. Martin’s Episcopal School and has only been taking piano lessons for six months!  Her favorite subject in school is math, and she loves playing tag in her spare time.  She is involved in many other activities outside of school, such as softball, papier mache class, clay, and cartooning class.  She has also taken dance lessons in the past.  She enjoys her piano lessons because she likes playing the instrument.

Recital Date

Hey everyone!

It’s that time of year again!  The recital will be coming up before you know it, so please mark the date on your calendars.  The recital will be held at Hall Piano Company again this year, and it will take place on Sunday, May 22nd at 12:30pm.  Each student will prepare two memorized pieces to play in front of friends and family, and we will be choosing and working on our recital pieces over the next couple of weeks.  As it was such a success last year, we will again be doing the live video broadcast on the internet.  Each student will be given the private web address to the video broadcast prior to the recital.  Please only give this address out to friends and family members.  We want to protect the students’ privacy.  Looking forward to another great one!