Congratulations to Kaitlyn Tholen!

kaitlyn head shotA very big congratulations to Kaitlyn Tholen, who is the first recipient of the Lynn Celestin Memorial Scholarship through the Steinway Society of New Orleans and Hall Piano Company.  With the help of my mother and Hall Piano Company sales associate Emily McWilliams, I founded this scholarship to honor the memory of my childhood teacher, Lynn Celestin.  Lynn Celestin was, without a doubt, one of the most highly respected teachers in New Orleans.  She taught for 60+ years throughout the New Orleans area and eventually in Gatlinburg, TN, where she relocated following Hurricane Katrina.  She has inspired many of her students to become teachers and inspired all those around her to become better people.  It has been a privilege to work on this scholarship, which benefits Hall Piano Academy students who show an interest in teaching and/or sharing their musical gifts with others.

Kaitlyn has been teaching privately and to small group classes for almost two years now and has shown an outstanding acumen for both teaching and business.  She is independent, hard-working, and an excellent role model for her students and her fellow students alike.  In addition, she performs consistently throughout the year at various competitions, recitals, and events.  Please come support Kaitlyn and the scholarship fund at our Scholarship Launch Concert on Saturday, September 20th at Hall Piano Company, 7:00pm.


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