Elizabeth Murray, age 11

Elizabeth Murray has been working very hard on her new pieces over the Christmas and New Years break and is being recognized for her positive attitude and enthusiasm for learning.  Elizabeth has happily participated in every performance event offered since beginning lessons about a year and a half ago.  Most recently, Elizabeth earned a “Superior” rating for her performance of “The Noisy Woodpecker” in N.O.M.T.A.’s Romantic and Contemporary Auditions.  Elizabeth is currently preparing two pieces to play for the LFMC Festival in March, and she is doing an outstanding job with her preparation.  

Elizabeth is in the 5th grade at Scoeffner, where she has been on the honor roll for several semesters.  Elizabeth also participates on the swim team and enjoys drawing when she is not busy practicing!  She particularly likes playing “Mousehunt” and “Climb Every Mountain” from The Sound of Music.  Elizabeth is a joy to have in each lesson, and I particularly appreciate her willingness to try to new things.  Keep up the great work, Elizabeth!


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