You may have noticed that I have gotten more than a little behind in my Student of the Month choices this year.  As I have so many students doing exceptional work right now, I thought it was about time that I started recognizing students individually.  Let’s get back to it with August’s Student of the Month, Destiny Sanders!

Destiny Sanders, age 12

Bold Cossaks – Goldston

Destiny Sanders is being recognized as August’s “Student of the Month” as a result of her excellent progress in the last month.  Destiny has reached milestones in her scales, technique work, and devotes extra attention to preparing and memorizing pieces.  She is preparing for the upcoming Romantic and Contemporary Auditions in November, and she has taken huge strides in her preparation for lessons in the last few weeks.

In addition to studying piano for two and a half years, Destiny is on the volleyball team at Atonement Lutheran School and acts as a nurse at Fifth African Baptist Church and Second New Guide Missionary Baptist Church.  In 2012, she was on the honor roll at school and won the “fastest typist” award!  In her spare time, she enjoys reading and believes that “music inspires you to do different things in life.”  Well said, Destiny, and congratulations on all of your achievements!

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