Piano Recital Dress Code

Sorry for the delayed update on this…my computer died a week ago, so I’m just now getting functioning again.  The recital dress code is largely the same as what the kids wore to the Festival.  “Church attire” is appropriate, but here are some more specific guidelines:


  • No jeans, tennis shoes, or t-shirts
  • Skirts or dresses are appropriate – nothing too low cut or too short!
  • No more than 2 inch heels if you are using the pedal
  • Nothing around the wrists or fingers….TRIM YOUR NAILS!!!!!!
  • Hair pulled back or tucked behind ears….we want to see your face!
  • Flats or dress sandals are fine…be sure you can pedal in whatever you are wearing BEFORE you get to the recital!


  • No jeans, t-shirts, or tennis shoes
  • No jacket or tie is required
  • Khakis and a polo are perfectly acceptable

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