Emily Fransen


About Me

Emily Fransen is a classical pianist, vocalist, and educator based in New Orleans, LA. She has over 20 years of teaching and professional performance experience and is an advocate of physical and mental health in music. In addition, she hosts, produces, and edits a bi-monthly podcast, Welcome to My Nerd Brain: A Dialogue on Musician’s Health and Wellness.

Health and Wellness

As an advocate of healthy and mindful habits, Emily is passionate about providing the best health and wellness resources to both music students and professionals alike.

Independent Consulting

As a private music instructor of both piano and voice and a small business owner, I have been through all the ups and downs that come with self-employment and growing a studio.  I am passionate about sharing my love for teaching with others and offering services that will help both new and seasoned teachers get the best out of their students and their business.